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NCEO Privacy and Email Solicitation Policy

General Privacy Policy

If we acquire your physical address and/or email address because you are a member or customer of ours, we will not give your email address to anyone else without permission. As for your physical address, we will not share it with other organizations or individuals except for the following cases:

  1. When we jointly hold a meeting with another organization, we may provide a mailing list restricted to a one-time use to promote that meeting.
  2. We provide meeting cosponsors with a mailing list of the attendees (which omits their email addresses).
  3. We may provide a mailing list to a book publisher for use in promoting a book of direct relevance to NCEO members and other customers. This will occur typically a few times over any several-year period.
  4. Names are never sold or shared with list brokers, consultants, or other marketers other than book publishers per the above stipulation.
  5. We also sometimes give the name and contact information for NCEO member companies to other companies in the same area who are asking for examples–for instance, to a company considering an ESOP that wants to talk to other ESOP companies in the state. We do not provide such contact information to consultants looking for potential customers.

Email Solicitations

We take all practical steps to avoid sending email to people who do not want it. Our policy is implemented in four ways:

  • We send email only to people who have contacted us or with whom we have a prior business relationship (people who are NCEO members or who have bought publications, attended meetings, or purchased any other services).
  • All email messages have an opt-out provision. Once you opt out, your email address is removed from our database and reinstated only if you specifically provide it to us again (as when placing an order) and do not opt out of email communications at that time.
  • We will not give your email address to anyone else without your permission.
  • When other organizations, companies, or firms sponsoring or supporting the NCEO’s activities send emails to their own lists regarding NCEO meetings, services, or products, they must agree to send email only to those people who have established a prior business relationship with them.

Our email policy is meant to conform with and exceed the requirements of California’s email law, the strictest one in the U.S. Your comments are appreciated; contact us at

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